Meet Elaine


Growing up in Texas in an entrepreneurial family, Elaine Turner developed a unique aesthetic sparked by the effortless, laid back luxury of international and Mediterranean travels. After meeting her husband, Jim Turner, the two co-founded Elaine Turner® and launched the eponymous lifestyle brand in April 2000. The goal was simple: use the language of design to create elegant yet affordable fashion that makes women feel beautiful inside and out.

As the brand has evolved, Elaine Turner, the person has too. Over the past decade, the need for change became paramount as the retail industry shifted from being primarily brick and mortar based to a digital experience. This reality coupled with immense changes in consumer shopping habits, priorities and values created obstacles too difficult to overcome. Therefore, in early 2019, Elaine and Jim made the very difficult decision to close all remaining stores and completely transform their brand to a digital platform. Although difficult and complex, this immense change has also been an opportunity for Elaine to reorient herself to her ultimate passion: helping, supporting and inspiring women to discover their self worth.

Today, Elaine has transitioned from being strictly a fashion designer/entrepreneur to someone who speaks openly and vulnerably about the difficulties she has faced in her life. She has courageously channeled her challenges into a way of connecting more deeply with others- especially women. Elaine’s mother, Marlaine, has battled breast cancer for over 30 years and her daughter, Marlie, was born with a genetic condition that presents itself much like autism.

Her heart beats through connection with other people and she feels strongly that women who come together, share their wounds and expose their cracks will ultimately become stronger together and lift each other up in the process. As Elaine states, “Women who come together, work together and share together, ultimately succeed together.”

Always a creative storyteller, in August of 2018 Elaine released her first book, Breaking The Glass Slipper: Debunking The Myths That Hold Women Back. Elaine’s book debuted as a #1 New Release on Amazon, and in the coming months she looks forward to continuing to bring substance to style. Whether in front of a crowd of 500 or in front of a camera, audiences always respond to the humor, charm and vulnerability she brings to the mic.