Welcome to my new blog!

ET_BaloonsDear Friends,

Happy Wednesday!! Okay so… I’m SO freaking excited to launch my new and improved blog to you today! Yippee! Bravo! Sha-zaam! (Is that a batman term?)

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I was so inspired about the blog posts we were doing over the past few months and I felt like it was time to take this thing to the next level. Here’s my passion piece, my dream, my purpose with this whole blog thing: TO CREATE A COLLECTIVE. 

A collective where we all can come together to SHARE, CONNECT, and INSPIRE one another — share ideas, thoughts, tips, designs and more. You name it — let’s share it!

We are going to be courageous in our approach to content and we want to create a platform where you feel free to express yourself. It’s all about women coming together where authenticity, fearlessness and vulnerability reign supreme. We’ll continue our collaborative efforts with the blog and have our “guest gurus” speak about timely topics and we will also engage in a variety of ways to bring you juicy content like podcasts, video and exquisite writing to name a few.

Another cool idea we are embracing each month is build our content around a monthly theme. This gives us the opportunity to dive deep into what we are feeling passionate about and to flesh out a lot of thoughts and ideas with you. April’s theme is:

“Fresh starts and new beginnings: the art of creating space internally and externally which leads to clarity and a deeper sense of self.”

This topic is timely for a lot of reasons. April is a symbolic time. It’s a month of transformation and rebirth. I’m not sure about you, but I always feel like I wake up one day and suddenly SEE change. I see new life. The leaves start growing on the trees, the grass is green and the buds start to bloom again. At my house this also brings a fresh supply of Rhinocort and Allegra, but so be it, it’s a beautiful time.  Read More

Embrace the Journey by Alyce Eyster

You can’t buy happiness, but you can purchase a plane ticket. (Hat tip: Pinterest.)

Travel affords unlimited opportunities for fun, new experiences, discoveries, and adventures, like tasting a new cuisine, hiking an unexplored trail, or simply enjoying a break in routine. A vacation marked by inspiring finds and quality downtime clears the mind and feeds it with creative ideas for a fresh outlook. If you are venturing to the mountains, the ocean, or the city for spring break consider the four Ps of travel to get the most out of the journey and destination: perspective, preparation, packing, and play.

Begin the journey with perspective, end it with a better attitude. Remember, you are not in control. Flights cancel. Bags disappear. Stuff happens and there’s not a darn thing you can do about it. So get yourself and your travel companions in the right frame of mind before the trip. Flexibility, a sense of humor, and goodwill toward fellow travelers will make the journey more tolerable for everyone. All together now: take a big deep breath and… let it go. It’s all going to work out. So get happy, you are going on vacation! Read More