Making the Switch

bagswitchbigRecently I listened to the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast featuring Gretchen Rubin and her sister Liz Craft. Gretchen Rubin is a best-selling author of several books including The Happiness Project. Her sister Liz Craft  is a TV writer and producer in Hollywood.

The down-to-earth sisters ponder good habits and yes, happiness! They discuss practical, well-researched information and tips and are so relate-able. You’ll enjoy this podcast, so give Happier a listen. (And if you are new to the podcast thing, it’s super-easy. Gretchen Rubin has detailed instructions here.)

Anyway, this particular Happier episode featured tips about switching handbags. I was inspired, and it got me thinking about my bags and tips for switching handbags for the season. After all, as a designer who got her start with handbags first and foremost, I should know a little something about the subject. 😉

So here goes.


Do your best to get out of the rut of carrying the same size, shape or style of bag. Try something different! You can experiment with a new shape or color while still remaining dedicated to your functional needs. As you make a shift in bag style, keep in mind features that you like and appreciate, like a zip-top. If you prefer a zip top, double-handle, roomy bag check out zip top hobo. If you typically carry a satchel, try something A BIT smaller and sleeker like a clutch that converts into a cross-body. You might find you enjoy the hands-free aspect of the cross body!


Large handbags that function as totes can be great for work or travel. They also remind me of clown cars. Who knows what’s in there? Downsizing can be tough, but a little forced editing never hurt anyone. And your back will thank you.


If you just aren’t that girl who can part with a different style bag, then try a new color. Color is an instant mood lifter. Search for a color that you feel is versatile enough to wear with many different outfits while still making a unique statement. It’s a way to truly be you. Embrace your individuality!


P.S. Got some great tips for switching handbags? Share them in the comments section or on our Facebook page.


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