Slowing Down Today…


I am hoping my fellow Houstonians made it through last night’s storm safe and sound. (In case you haven’t heard, there’s been tons of rain and flooding all over Texas and major flooding today in Houston.) In moments like this, we are forced to slow down and recognize our most important blessing — the safety of our loved ones.

It’s ironic because here on the blog, we have been speaking about cleaning out, de-cluttering and creating space. A storm like last night’s is a humble reminder of how fragile we really are and that THINGS are just THINGS and STUFF is just STUFF.

So…hold onto your nearest and dearest today and tell them how much you love them. And if it time permits, create some space to slow down, gain clarity and recognize your blessings.

Who knows, if you’re fortunate enough maybe you can take this day to clean out a space that is in much need of attention. On that note, this 2 minute podcast from Gretchen Rubin landed in my inbox today. I love what she has to say regarding outer order contributing to inner calm. So true!

Wishing you all safe, healthy days ahead.


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