The Big Question: Purpose!

596Friends –

Today’s post is short, sweet and deep. Hope it doesn’t blow your mind!!!!

What’s your purpose? I know — that’s a big, fat, loaded question and before we proceed you might need a caffeinated beverage if it’s early or wine if it’s late ;-).

In response, people typically call to mind their children or a career path or a cause. But I LOVE the way life coach Jess Lively defines purpose because it applies in every moment, in every situation. It is super simple, but so encompassing and beautiful.

Purpose = serving others in the present moment. (And what a terrific reminder to LIVE in the moment.) This is huge and it really spoke to me.

Have you ever heard of a pause bracelet? I had not, but I learned today that a pause bracelet gently vibrates on your wrist every 60 or 90 minutes to remind you to stop and take stock, to pause and do any number of things like give thanks, pray, breathe, reflect. Or, taking a page from Lively, consider how to serve others when you feel that subtle vibration.

I encourage you to take a time-out to read Jess Lively’s post on purpose. You will be glad you did.

All this talk of purpose reminded me of an interview I did with my friend author Elizabeth Irvine. We touch
on purpose, intention and collaboration. I love what Elizabeth says about the energy created from collaboration.

We’ve taken a deep dive, my friends. If you are coming up for air and need a little something lighter, you can always check out my You Tube channel where there’s a good chance you’ll find me being silly and self-deprecating. :-0

OR feel free to engage in a little mindless online shopping. I can hook you up! Be sure to check out my new Southern Charm Bar, which launched last week to rave reviews and exciting feedback.

XOXO, Elaine

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