For Harrison on His Sixteenth Birthday

Hi My Friends,

It’s my son HarrisFile Apr 28, 12 29 49 PMon’s 16th birthday today. It’s sort of an emotional milestone. I woke up this morning realizing my baby is not a baby anymore. It made me a little weepy.

I guess these special moments bring into reality that your children grow up and become their own people. It’s all about discovering the perfect balance of creating independence while still being a stable force to guide and love them unconditionally. In the end, having children is a series of separations — you bring them onto this earth and from that moment on, you are teaching, guiding and loving them towards independence and self-reliance.

For me, Harrison turning 16 is one of those moments where I see with true clarity his path to independence and becoming a young man. I know it’s what we all lovingly want to see, but sometimes just the thought of losing our babies turns a mother’s heart into mush. As they say, being a parent is the hardest job in the world but also the most rewarding….So true.

Harrison, you have been a TRUE blessing to our family. I admire you. I’ve learned so much about myself being your mother. Your strength, loyalty and compassion are an inspiration to me. Thank you for being such an incredible son to your father and I and thank you EVEN MORE for being the most loving, loyal, and compassionate brother to your sweet sister.

I wrote this poem in honor of your big day. I hope you like it. The words poured out of me. I feel so blessed that you are my son.

I love you,



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