You Must Read The Crossroads of Should and Must

imagesHi My Friends-
Ok, so, I  had to share.

I’m obsessed with this new book I fell upon called The Crossroads of Should and Must – Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna. The message has definitely been said before, but Elle says it in such a new, refreshing way.

Elle presents her ideas in a fun, artsy, sketchbook format. It’s visual eye candy and so easy to read. It’s like you are getting a pep talk from your very best friend! LOVE.

I gave this book to my entire design team and then I realized, “Oh crap, they might read this and quit once they figure out working for me is not that true MUST!” I hesitated for a minute but then realized, “Oh well, if they don’t want to work here then maybe that’s okay. I definitely don’t want to hold anyone captive in a should that they need to move past.” Good news — everyone is still sitting at their desks — no one has walked out yet, YIPPEE!

The book especially resonated with me because Elle Luna talks a lot about becoming one with your work. I think that’s a journey I’m on and I haven’t totally perfected it yet. I want to be one with my work but I also resist that notion. It’s almost like it feels too vulnerable to say: I AM MY WORK. (Just typing that gave me anxiety!) What am I afraid of? I think we all feel safer with clear lines across each area of our life. But I really think that’s an illusion. I think there is probably freedom in just allowing that to be. I’m a work in progress with this concept.

After reading the book, I also began to truly ponder and analyze my own MUST journey. For me, my MUST changed. Sometimes the one door that you believed so strongly was your one true MUST could also just be a small gateway leading you to your real MUST. This could be an entire other book — analyzing the evolution of our MUSTS and how just as people do, they evolve, change, adapt and grow.

I think this is key to explore — we need to be open to the journey of where our MUSTS take us. And for some of us, getting pasts our SHOULDS takes a lot longer than others. Not everyone figures it all out in their twenties. I am in my forties and I am still in a constant state of analysis of why I’m here, why I do what I do and what gifts I bring into this world. It’s a journey.

Thank you Elle for creating the space inside of me to dig deeper into my purpose, my gifts and my MUSTS! I hope you receive as much soul food as I did reading it. (Oh, one more thought, can you have more than just one MUST? I do!)

♥ Elaine

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