ET Virtual Roadtrip Rolls into the Alamo City

Hey Guys-

We’ve visited ET boutiques in Plano and Southlake. Next stop on the Elaine Turner Texas Roadtrip is San Antonio. With its German and Mexican influences, proximity to the Hill Country and the river winding through downtown, the Alamo City is just charming.

Alamo Heights boutique manager Marjorie Tiller and team offer these fantastic recommendations for their city. These are places that locals love to frequent. They are fun, trendy and unique to San Antonio. They range from cool new hotels to secret hidden gems.

It’s not too late to check out SA this summer. Stop by the boutique on Broadway and say hey to Marjorie and the Alamo Heights team. They’d love to see you and tell you where to go for the best enchiladas!
XOXO, Elaine

Brunch at Casa Hernan
Rise Up
Bird Bakery

Hotel Emma
Eilan Hotel and Spa
Ocho at Hotel Havana


Hamilton Pool
The Pearl

And now for some travel tips and tricks from Marjorie and the SA bunch:

Carry a crossbody. Marjorie recommends the Bristow. The foldover entry into the download (1)bag allows for more protection when you’re traveling, plus you’ll be hands free while you take selfies.

Since SA is HOT HOT HOT try this trick: Take a water bottle and fill it up half way. Place the water bottle on its side and allow the water to freeze. Once it is frozen, fill the water bottle with water. The frozen side will keep it cool while you explore the city.

download (3)San Antonio is often referred to as a “big small city” so make sure you wear cute comfy shoes like the Josie since you never know where and what you’ll stumble upon.

Got some area tips and favorite destinations to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments below. 🙂

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