Beauty Guru Aubrie Layne Talks Fall Trends in Makeup

My Dear Readers,
We’ve talked a lot about fall fashion trends on the blog. And today I am thrilled to delve into the beauty category with makeup guru Aubrie Layne of Lucky Cat Beauty.

I’ve known Aubrie for several years. She’s a natural talent and understands how to bring out your best features. Also, on a side note, she’s the quickest makeup artist I’ve ever worked with and for me, that’s essential. If you can make me pretty in less than an hour, then I want to be your friend. 🙂

I sat down with Aubrie to get the scoop on all things hip and new for the face this season. If you are in Houston, be sure to check out her studio located in the Decorative Center. I guess you could say I am one lucky cat because Aubrie and I office out of the same building. Cheers to that! XOXO, Elaine

ET: What trends are you seeing this fall in beauty (makeup, skincare, etc.)?

AL: The trend this fall is that ‘less is more’ for makeup. Faces are fresh and dewy, effortless, highlighting one area at a time: brows, lips, etc. Fashion is simplified.

ET: What is one thing women can do for a quick fall makeup or skincare refresh?

AL: Go overboard on the moisturizer! Mix your moisturizer with your foundation. Before you leave your house, ask yourself: Do I see makeup on my skin?

ET: What are some of your favorite products?

AL: Mine! Lucky Cat Beauty! I am also loving anything from Gucci Cosmetics. Also, Ellis Faas foundation and concealers offer the perfect bit of coverage and a balmy texture. And I am obsessed with the navy, chocolate and plum YSL mascaras!!!

ET: What is your background and how did you get into the beauty space? Tell us about Lucky Cat Beauty.

AL: As a global makeup artist for Laura Mercier, I spent much of my time traveling internationally, especially in Asia. My love for eyes grew into a search for the perfect eyelashes. After years of research and experimenting, I designed my own set of lashes, and Lucky Cat Beauty was born. I now have a beautiful studio to see clients and meet with retailers. I have my own retail brand as well as some of my favorites — The BrowGal, Ellis Faas, La Peau and Balmain Hair Couture.

ET: How would you describe your personal style? Any thoughts on personal style?

AL: My style is tomboy meets retro meets edgy girl boss! And one tip would be — go from day to night keeping your color palette classic and simple and mixing it with trendy colors and accessories.

Connect with Aubrie:
Facebook: @LuckyCatBeauty
Twitter: @LuckyCatBeauty
Instagram: @LuckyCatBeauty

If you missed Aubrie on Houston Life TV, check her out in by clicking this clip:755

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