Modern Havana is Here!

Dear Friends—

As you know, designing the spring 2017 collection was quite an emotional journey for me. I practiced going inward for inspiration, harkening back to the archives, in order to effectively manifest my outward vision. And that vision was Havana.

Our Modern Havana collection truly represents who we are as a brand not only figuratively, but literally. We are all about escapism, travel, and wanderlust and this collection expresses these ideas through vibrant colors, dramatic textures, and tropical undertones. It is design features like these that birthed my brand and it’s SO exciting to revisit these elements and make them new for the customer!

Click below to view a video of the complete Modern Havana collection.

Now, although Houston has been experiencing some cray-cray weather recently (Can we get some normal weather around here?), we have our minds totally set forward to spring. In fact, you might even be planning your spring break travel wardrobe. (I know what you’re thinking: where did the time go?) I enjoy planning outfits in advance, and if a vacation is involved, forget it—I’ll obsess over every detail. So whether you’re going to Cabo or Galveston, this collection has many lovely ensembles to fit your vacation.

Penelope is super flattering.

As for dresses, the ideal spring outfit starts with a staple wardrobe piece that ties everything together. And our Modern Havana dresses have that IT factor that will make you look effortlessly chic no matter where you are.

  • Our Landa dress is my single favorite piece of the collection, and that says a lot. It’s the quintessential midi length kaftan that is just as chic as it is comfortable. (That’s right, you can eat fajitas in this thing.)
  • Our Penelope dress, available in cobalt blue, Kelly green, and coral, is the most versatile of all. She can keep you covered up while at the pool, but can also take you to a fancy dinner date by the beach. You’ll never want to take her off!
  • Our Isabel dress boasts a bright and colorful custom French textile print that stands out. Isn’t it stunning? The combination of the poly georgette fabric and Aztec print gives the dress a relaxed elegance that can be worn anywhere.

Now for shoes! With the variety of shoes offered in this collection, you’re sure to find a pair to complement any outfit.

  • It doesn’t get more stylish than our Dani shoe, an on-trend slip on heel that’s covered in cork. And we all know how much I love cork. It’s easy to wear and gives you that perfect balance of style and comfort for a night out on the town.
  • Our signature branded sandal, Demi, will be your go-to shoe for the spring and summer. It gives you a little lift and added comfort with our mini wedge construction. It also boasts our trademarked bamboo hardware and a beautiful ankle strap that you’ll LIVE for.

    You can’t beat the ease and style of Dani.
  • Meet Cecilia, our spring time bootie in all cork. It’s sexy, but don’t let that fool you—it’s really comfortable! Her back zipper and side peep features makes slipping into these beauties a breeze. Whether it’s a dress or a pair of skinnies, this shoe will add spice to any outfit.

What’s an outfit without a handbag? Nothing, duh. And, let me tell you, our bags this season really went for it. They’re vibrant, accessible, and so unique! Just looking at them alone automatically transports you to Havana. It’s all very exciting.

  • Byrdie, byrdie, byrdie. It’s our most playful bag of the season! Available in our classic python or cork, we implemented a favorite trend of the season with this bag: tassels! They’re flirty and, coupled with our unique textiles, Byrdie makes a statement.
  • Our Calla bag offers a classic silhouette with a modern pattern in Coal, Alloy, or Nude Snake. It’s designed for everyday use through its spacious interior, but it’s exotic embossed leather exterior makes this hobo stylish and chic. Pair it with your favorite Kaftan for an effortless look.

    Whether you are in denim or a dress, Simona adds a touch of chic.
  • Simona is very special to me. I pulled her out from the archives and reinvented her by adding a natural bamboo ornament and an unexpected mix of materials. Our favorite is the Spanish cork and French textile mash-up, that is sleek enough to tuck under your arm or wear as a shoulder bag.

Once you nail down the dress, bag, and shoes, statement jewelry completes the look. Our crown collection offers many colorful pieces to make your outfit pop. I’ll save the details for later, as we have an exciting feature coming soon with more!

If you want to explore more options for your spring wardrobe, visit our website to see more of our Modern Havana collection. Or check us out on social, where we share our favorites of the collection daily.

I hope that I was able to add some inspiration and fun to your spring wardrobe. Enjoy that well-deserved break, you deserve it!


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