Meet the Elaine Turner Interns of Spring 2017!


We love our interns — Franz Librando, Taylor Harris, Karem Garcia-Loera and Michala Padgett .

Dear Friends–
Earlier this month, I wrote about change and transformation and how those things often bring new faces and inspiration. March is a busy month in our business as it marks the launch of our spring collection and we’re having fun educating you on trends and solving wardrobe dilemmas one handbag at a time!

Now I’d like to shine the spotlight on a few new faces, interns Michala Padgett, Taylor Harris, Karem Garcia-Loera and Franz Librando, who all attend the University of Houston. Go Cougars! We’re thrilled to have them around as I love training and working with the college set. They’ve proved enormous assets in their respective departments. So without further ado, I give you Michala, Taylor, Karem and Franz!

XOXO, Elaine

Tell us about your role as intern and your college affiliation.

Michala’s favorite from the spring collection is Rynn in Tropicana Python.
Taylor’s top pick for spring is the Samara dress.

Michala: I am a sophomore at the University of Houston and I am double majoring in marketing/retailing and consumer science. I work in the marketing department. I assist with blogger outreach, posting on social media, contacting customers and any tasks needed.
Taylor:  I am currently a graduating senior at the University of Houston majoring in retailing and consumer science. As a retail division intern, I work with the retail and procurement departments with sales analysis, merchandise allocation, store events, and more.
Karem: I am a graphic design intern who helps the senior designer and marketing department with graphics for print and social media. I am a senior at UH studying art with a minor in digital media.
Franz: I help with whatever tasks need to be done. I help the retail assistant, tag jewelry, help with inventory transfers, invoices, update SPH and appointment sales worksheets. I attend the University of Houston and am majoring in retail and consumer science

What do you enjoy about interning at ET? 

Michala: I love that everyday is different and I’m constantly on my toes! It’s also pretty cool working with Elaine Turner herself.
Taylor: I love interning at Elaine Turner. I have learned and continue to learn so much about the corporate world of the fashion industry. Whether it’s learning how to analyze sales or buying allocation techniques, everyone is willing to answer questions and provide assistance.
Karem: I love the corporate culture, and I enjoy being in the middle of the office where I can see how everything works and how one department relates to another one in order to make the brand better and successful.
Franz: I enjoy the people I work with and the environment and I love the exposure and experience I am gaining working in the fashion department.

What is your personal style?

Karem loves the Byrdie clutch in cork with colorful tassels.

Michala:  People have told me my style is “earthy crunchy” and I am not really sure what that is! I define my personal style as laid back and comfortable, yet chic and fashion forward.
Taylor: I would say my personal style is modern and fun and versatile.
Karem: I would say my style is minimalistic with a twist of girly biker chick! I like to wear a lot of dresses and skirts, most of them in darker colors but every now and then I add a pop of color.
Franz: My style outside of work is laid back and casual, consisting of jeans, plain shirt, etc.

Franz favors the Charlie top because of the neckline details.

What is your favorite piece of the current spring collection? 

Michala: I love anything in cork or with the new print, Tropicana Python, so the Rynn in Python heel always catches my eye! I’m such a sucker for heels.
Taylor: My favorite piece from the current spring  collection is the Samara chambray dress. The chambray is perfect for spring, and it’s extremely versatile. You can easily turn it into a cute top with a maxi skirt or short.
Karem: I love this season’s cork pieces. They are super cute and feel so nice. I especially love the clutches and details like the pop of color in the Byrdie tassles and the embroidery and bamboo on Simona.
Franz: My favorite piece is Charlie top in navy because of the pattern in the neck area.

Love fashion? Or know a college student who does? Check out the Elaine Turner internship program here.

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