March Signals A Transformation

The desert can be harsh and desolate and at the same time beautiful and expansive. It’s all in how you look at it.

Dear Friends–

Hard to believe it is March already! As I sit here to write, I am staring at the barren desert landscape. I am in Arizona visiting my father-in-law and every time I come back, I’m struck by the desert’s harsh landscape. It’s at once desolate and lonely yet beautiful and expansive. I find myself going within and finding stillness while visiting here.

The desert has many spiritual significances. In fact, Dr. Judith Rich writes about how the soul feels right at home in the desert, its favorite place for fine-tuning, in this article that illustrates using the desert as metaphor for spiritual renewal. Biblically, both Moses and Jesus were tested in the wilderness. Their time spent there symbolized struggle, redemption and a reconnection to God. In essence, they were transformed. With that said, it feels serendipitous that I am here as I introduce this month’s theme of transformation.

Transformation occurs all around us, all the time. Bringing awareness to the constant nature of change and not resisting it is the first step in transformation. We transform every millisecond of our lives in the way nature does, and tuning into that can help embrace change as a constant state and not a one-for-all time frame to be feared. Change is not random, it is always.

This year has already brought about so much change—which isn’t surprising as it is the year of the rooster. Symbolically, the rooster’s fearless demeanor and actions bring a wave of change and transformation. And we’ve definitely seen that in politics, right?! Regardless, I do believe change is good. The spring gives us a sense of renewal as the cold weather dwindles away and color breathes life into the season with blooming azaleas, roses, and so forth. Rebirth is all around us, and its striking, awe-provoking beauty inspires us to grow, evolve and find new ways to express ourselves.

Working in my profession practically forces you to change, considering fashion transforms itself every season and, with that, comes new faces and inspirations. This month, we will be diving into the change and transformation we experience, such as new team members, new products, new ideas, in the hopes that recognizing these external changes will inspire you to reflect on your own change, as well.

Time has a funny way of feeling long when you think of it on a granular basis but, at the same time, it can practically feel non-existent when revisiting the past. Nothing feels different daily but, when you look back, everything is. For my spring collection, I was able to harken back to past collections and transform them in a modern way. I did some soul searching and reflected on how to embrace who we are today.

This process led me to Modern Havana. This collection embodies everything my brand is about: bold colors, tropical undertones, and dramatic textures. If this is what transformation looks like, let’s embrace it right now. Please watch me talk about my seasonal inspiration and design process by clicking the video below.


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