On Silk Tassels & Colorful Beads: Peek Behind the Curtain to Meet ET Designer Amy Dust

Dear Friends-

We are all about transformation and renewal this month. Often times, new people that walk into our lives are an essential part of our personal growth. It’s through these new relationships that we tend to learn more about who we are and what we need.

And, with it being International Women’s Day, it felt natural to highlight a talented, empowered, creative young woman. At Elaine Turner we are committed to empowering women and making difference, so today allow me the honor to introduce designer Amy Dust.

I met Amy about a year ago after her fiancé was offered a job he could not refuse in Houston. This girl can design anything, and her gift lies in jewelry. Her laid back, open-minded spirit is contagious. She has a can-do attitude and is committed to do whatever it takes to help our team thrive. She has willingly stood in when needed for both our shoe and apparel fit sessions. Can you say jack of all trades anyone?! (A model and a designer! Barf.)

No, but really, I have truly valued our time together and am thrilled to introduce you to her. She’s the creative force behind our newly introduced Crown Collection. Amy approached me about designing a limited edition collection that she would design and produce in our Houston studios, and I jumped at the chance. This new handmade, locally sourced, exclusive collection has been such a fun addition to my product line. I love Amy’s debut and I know you will too.

XOXO, Elaine

Amy Dust designed the Cha Cha (L) and Crown (R) Collections.

Tell us about your role at the company and what you love about working at ET.
I design jewelry. I love the people and the creative freedom.

What’s your personal style?
Comfort is key, after that I tend to go for classic pieces with an edge and anything black.

What is your creative process and how does it relate to the new jewelry collections?
With jewelry I’ll usually start with an idea or inspiration but once I see and feel the raw materials, new ideas will start to pop and the creativity starts to flow. This season we were really inspired by Modern Havana. When shopping for materials I had an emotional reaction to these multi-colored beads that ended up becoming the inspiration for the rest of this season’s Crown Collection.

What is your favorite design element of Cha Cha Collection?
I love the uber-luxe tassels we used. They’re made from silk and are so soft to touch and the colors are also really saturated and rich.

What is your favorite piece in the spring collection?
The Olive bag in Python, and anything in the Havana Palm Print.

Amy loves the Havana Palm Print.






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