WFAA Good Morning Texas Modern Havana Segment

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What a month it’s been! May is always a hectic month for me. It’s during the peak of the spring season and it’s the time-frame in which I am knee-deep in designing the upcoming Fall collection (I can’t wait to share it with you). It’s also a busy month of press events, too. From fashion shows to TV segments, life feels like it’s steamrolling ahead!

Earlier in the month, I was featured on WFAA Good Morning Texas in Dallas, Texas. I was fortunate enough to share my inspiration for Modern Havana and some of my favorite pieces of the collection. Before you hop on that plane for Memorial Day Weekend, dive into my experience at one of Texas’s beloved morning talk shows.

WFAA Good Morning Texas

Everything leading up to the segment was quite the flurry. I almost missed my flight and had to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to not only get TV-ready glam but WFAA Good Morning Texas-ready glam. And trust me, I am not a morning person. I don’t see birds chirping, I see the gates of hell. Especially without my coffee.

The hustle didn’t end there. When we arrived on set, we had to review updated scripts, dress the models, and go through a practice run of the entire segment. Bang. Bang. Bang. At one point, though, I did stop and smell the metaphorical roses. The scent of Cuban pastries, brought in from an outside baker, permeated throughout the space. It transported me to Havana.

Before I knew it, we were 5 minutes from going live. I took one look at the models, completely draped in Elaine Turner from head-to-toe, and I knew this collection was going to be represented beautifully on air. God bless 6-foot models.

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Modern Havana Looks

After introducing our brand and collection, we went straight to the models in their looks. All five of the outfits shown highlighted the versatility of the collection through its dramatic textures and tropical undertones.

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After the segment wrapped, we trekked on over to our Plano location at The Shops at Legacy for a meet-and-greet. I was so humbled at the number of ladies that turned up to see me! It was awesome to connect with our Dallas/Fort Worth customers.

One customer mentioned that she saw our WFAA Good Morning Texas segment earlier and, was so inspired by the collection, she had to meet me in person. She ended up walking out with 3 full outfits in tow.  That instantly gratified the whole experience for me—everything became full circle and reminded me that I go through all this madness and hustle, to inspire women. That’s why I do what I do.

gmt 5

Thank you to all at WFAA Good Morning Texas for including us in their segment. We had a blast!

Find the segment video here.




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