Jewelry Issue: 4th of July Jewelry

Wake up and smell the barbecue people, because the 4th of July is upon us. Can you think of a better summer holiday? It’s all about hot summer fun and coming together with friends and family for a good ole’ time. I can still remember when I first witnessed the crack of sparkling fireworks and the sticky sweetness of the most patriotic Popsicle I had ever seen. To put it simply, July 4th is, was, and will always be awesome.

There is so much to enjoy about this holiday, and there is also great perspective to gain from its historical reminder. July 4th is about celebrating our country’s resilience. It inspires me to keep working to give women that same feeling of strength and independence in their everyday lives. Isn’t that what the American spirit is all about?


So, for this Independence Day, I am both proud and delighted to announce our new 4th of July jewelry collection. Whether you’re home shooting the breeze with loved ones or somewhere fulfilling your wanderlust and partying with new friends, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to show off your independent style. And what better way to celebrate your favorite holiday than with some trendy, patriotic flair? After all, you never know how bright a firework can be until you aim it toward the sky.

Here is an inside look at our July 4th Jewelry line. From tassels to choker to hoops, these locally sourced, made-in-Houston pieces are so in tune with the trends this summer, it’s giving me goosebumps in this 95-degree heat!

Let’s Talk Tassel

An Elaine Turner staple and one of this summer’s hottest trends, tassels are everywhere. This fun, cascading accessory is a dazzling pick-me-up for any look. As far as 4th of July jewelry goes, tasseled earrings fire on three cylinders, capturing the spirit of the holiday: simple, bright, and bold.

How to Rock it:

  • Lizette Triple comes in a Red/Pink and even in Red, White, and Blue! Your Independence Day style will seriously benefit from the colorful, patriotic vibes.
  • Lizette Quadruple has the drama you’ve been looking for. This beautiful piece hits four different shades of blue and contains gold French wire hooks.

4th 2

Star-Spangled Earrings

Independence Day lets us express how much we love this country and there’s nothing more patriotic than stars. Why not go all out for the holiday and dawn a pair of shiny, gold star earrings? Count me in!

How to Rock It:

  • Kat comes in patriotic red and blue and combines two major summer trends: hoops and tassels. This 4th of July earring is the ultimate fusion of golden American spirit and the summer’s biggest trends.
  • Is there anything that symbolizes Independence Day better than stars? Whether you’re thinking of what’s shining over your backyard or the group 50 on a waving flag, you simply cannot get into the July 4th spirit without stars. This gold and crystal star earring will give you all the pride, elegance, and glamour you need to maximize your Independence Day style.

4th 4

Chalk It Up to Chokers

You don’t need me to tell you that chokers are all the rage. If you haven’t seen them by now, you might want to check your pulse. We are in the midst of a choker revolution, and we are loving it. I say we tap into the revolutionary spirit for this 4th of July and embrace this close-fitting necklace. Long live chokers!

How to Rock It:

  • Lucia in Suede is a choker dipped in glamour. With a star-shaped, crystal and gunmetal pennant, this 4th of July necklace is both elegant and rebellious, like all revolutions should be. It comes in a tan suede or in light blue crystal with a pop of red.

4th 3

I can’t wait to see how you channel your independence this July 4th. May your 4th of July jewelry and your weekend be as patriotic as it is effortlessly glamorous.

XOXO, Elaine

Jewelry Issue: The Sante Fe Capsule Collection

New Mexico is color. It’s an awe-inspiring land that speaks to me every time. I recently visited Santa Fe, spent two romantic days with my husband and two relaxing ones at a yoga retreat with friends (talk about the perfect balance between date-night and girls nights, right?). Visiting the city again inspired me to create The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule. This collection doesn’t just reflect the beautiful colors and materials found in this majestic town but symbolizes the memories I’ve created there. And I hope this collection symbolizes the memories you’ll make, too.

The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule

In the capsule, you’ll find coral and red silk tassels reflecting the hues of Santa Fe sunsets. The sunsets are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, drawn straight from a dream. Other materials in the collection such as turquoise, gold plate and natural agate harken Santa Fe’s immense heritage and robust history. With five limited edition pieces, all can be combined or worn alone to create a look that’s truly you.

Santa Fe Collection #1

There are a variety of ways you can style the five pieces of The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule, especially the bracelets and necklace. The Sarra and Sami bracelets can be mixed and matched. You can go classic-chic and rock one of the bracelets or you can wear up to four for an on-trend stacked technique that boasts the mix of coral and turquoise beads beautifully together. And because a true Southern woman never leaves the house without earrings, the capsule boasts two pairs, the Samir and Sal earrings, both equal in their statement-making style.

Santa Fe Earrings #8

The showstopper piece of the capsule collection is the Sarita Necklace, and my personal favorite. This stunning necklace can be worn in four different ways:

  • Knotted down
  • A choker
  • A long drape
  • Looped to create a bib

sante fe collage

All five of the pieces in The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule are limited-edition and perfect to complement all your summer events and travels. And if you’re traveling to Santa Fe this summer, that’s even better! Here are some of my favorite spots to visit where you can soak in all the beautiful color that this majestic city offers.

My Go-To Santa Fe Locations

  • Hotel Anasazi
    • As soon as when you walk in, the Hotel Anasazi offers an immediate feeling of relief and a low-key energy that is very peaceful. It’s located right on the square, which is perfect for quick travel. It’s picturesque and offers a modern take on Pueblo life, such a respite from the hustle and bustle of Houston.
  • Georgia O’Keefe Museum
    • Georgia O’Keefe was an incredible woman who was way ahead of her time – and one of the most prominent artists of the 20th century at that. Her life was her art and the museum boasts over 3,000 works from her life. Her art evolved as she evolved as a person, and this museum proudly shows this through her oil paintings, drawings, and additional works.
  • Loretto Chapel
    • I always love to visit the churches in this city, especially the Loretto Chapel. This ancient city provides a historical look at how Christianity was initially introduced to the United States and The Loretto Chapel is one representation of that. The Loretto Chapel was designed by a French Architect in a beautiful gothic revival style and the spiral staircase alone is legendary. Once inside, the chapel offers a time of reflection and meditation for me. It’s my favorite thing to do while I’m in Santa Fe.
  • The Shed
    • The food in Santa Fe is incredible and The Shed is one of my favorite spots to dine. Opened since 1953, it offers a delicious Southwestern cuisine near the plaza. In fact, they’re known for their chili and spicy dishes (the spicy jalapeno margarita is to die for). I’m an eater and I love spicy, so naturally I gravitate towards this place. No surprise there, I am from Texas after all!
  • The Square 
    • This is the heart of Sante Fe. For over 400 years, the square is the epicenter of Santa Fe and boasts a colorful array of shops, restaurants, and more. It also offers concerts and musical gatherings that speak to the music of the region. You’ll find the most amazing things to shop here; I bought a piece of Native American jewelry from an artisan whose family has been making jewelry for three generations.


To shop The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule visit our website.



International Yoga Day: Spreading the Awesomesauce with Athea Davis

I started doing yoga about four years ago, I guess you could say yoga found me. I was in a bit of a transition with my daughter’s care and needs at the time; I believe I intuitively knew I needed something to ground me. Four years later, I use yoga as a go-to tool for my physical and emotional well-being. It’s been a healing practice that has saved me in times of what seems like unmanageable stress.

I’ve now been through several phases with my yoga practice and, I can proudly say, I finally feel good about where I am. I did go through the oh-so-common phase of trying to be REALLY good at yoga. I would tell myself, “I’m going to perfect my yoga practice, I will achieve wheel pose if it kills me.” Hmmm… guess what, no I won’t. Wheel pose is not meant for a body like mine. Backbends aren’t my thing. I humbly discovered I had it all wrong.

Yoga isn’t about being good at it; it’s about being present.

yoga photo

Yoga & My Family

About a year ago, I started to wonder if yoga could not only benefit me but also my family. As I began my research, I serendipitously became connected to Athea Davis with Solsense Yoga. She is truly a special soul. She is full of joy, light and her motto is “have an awesome sauce day!” Yet even with all that energy and happiness, Athea exudes an almost Buddha-like calmness.

She has been the perfect fit for my family. Most Saturday mornings when Athea arrives, there are two barking dogs, a 12-year-old daughter screaming “I’m too tired to do yoga!”, and two or three teenage boys barreling down our stairs. Yet, Athea always graciously walks in and simply says, “Who wants to do some yoga with me?” And, in her Zen-like way, says, “Whoever shows up is who’s supposed to be there.”

athea blog phooottoo

Athea Davis

Every Saturday looks a little different with our family. Whether it’s just me or my entire family, I have found one consistency throughout this past year working with Athea; her total and complete love and acceptance of my family. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you Athea.

Enjoy reading about Athea. She has changed my life and many others through the work she does bringing mindfulness tools to so many in need.

  1. What led you to choose yoga as a profession?

Athea: I often question if I chose yoga as a profession or if it chose me. My journey into teaching yoga felt like a very fluid and organic process. Before I started teaching yoga, I was at the top of my career in the corporate legal world. I was married for over ten years. I was enjoying motherhood. Yet, I felt very stuck and heavy in the life I was living. Something felt inauthentic about it all. I kept listening to this internal messenger and finally took a stand to live life as authentically as possible.

That meant leaving my marriage and embracing whole-heartedly the unpredictability of that dissolution. No marriage dissolution is easy. However, I would be remiss to not say, in addition to dissolving my marriage, I also came face-to-face with the reality that my former spouse was an alcoholic and suffered from depression. This entire process set me into a tailspin of unfathomable pain. So, I took my first yoga class. I felt an authenticity that I had never experienced. I had a teacher ask me if I ever thought about teaching because she felt I would be a natural. Now, with Sol Sense Yoga, I teach in schools, work with youth and families, create and lead professional development offerings for educators, create and lead workshops, lead trainings for burgeoning teachers and camp counselors, write, speak, and mentor youth in the juvenile justice system. I call it spreading the awesomesauce!

File Jun 21, 11 10 35 AM

  1. What led you to start Sol Sense Yoga?

I desired authorship and creative license. I had a vision of what yoga can offer for those that wanted a deeper experience and intuited a need and hunger from those around me for something more personal and intimate than what was being offered in a typical gym or studio type class. There’s nothing wrong with those types of offerings, they serve an important purpose, but for me personally, I had a desire to dig deeper into this thing called yoga with others, especially as it relates to taking yoga off the mat. I had a vision of offering a safe space where relationships hold the possibility to be built from a place of authenticity, love, and worth. Sol Sense Yoga isn’t just a health and wellness consulting business; it’s an embodiment of healing and connection. I infuse that vision into everything I do and every person I have the honor to connect with.

  1. In your opinion, what are the biggest health benefits of yoga?

Focus. Sustained concentration. Awareness. Emotional Self-Regulation. Connectedness. Wholeness. Love. Those words pretty much sum it up, and in no order. Those are the things that not only help us manage our elevated levels of stress, intense emotion, trauma, grief, and the pain and suffering we all experience in this beautiful journey of life, but they also hold the key to authentic living. Yoga has the power to heal from the inside out.

File Jun 21, 11 08 25 AM

  1. What is your favorite part of teaching yoga to Elaine’s family?

I love the laughter, the intimacy, and the realness with everyone (including the sweet “Buddha” dogs!). And, I value our Dharma Talks, or, in non-yogi speak, our philosophical conversations about how to live the most authentic and elevated life possible, both personally and professionally. Also, we are not in a studio or a school with a set of rules and etiquette to follow, which are necessary and wonderful things to have in that environment.

  1. What is your advice for people who have never tried yoga?

Get out there and do it. There’s a lot of information out there and keep in mind that there is a time and place for research. It doesn’t matter what variety you try, keep it simple and easy. Simple and easy varies from person to person. Maybe for you simple and easy means going to a community yoga class at your local gym, your neighborhood yoga studio, perhaps there’s a free class at a community event, or you download or live stream a class and try it in your own home. The access and opportunities are there, which is great, but they can be a bit overwhelming. Make it simple and easy. Commit to having the experience. Don’t worry about shopping around for the right kind of experience. Your experiences on the mat will lead you to the next steps and the next right place at the right time.

File Jun 21, 11 12 24 AM

To learn more about Athea Davis and Sol Sense Yoga, visit her website.