Trends Issue: Summer Suede and Woven Details Lead Season’s Biggest Trends

Can you believe it? Unless I have my Texas brown beetles mixed up, June is here! That’s right, put away your countdown clocks because summer has arrived. The barbecues are cookin’, the margarita glasses are clinkin’, and the hot summer sun is (well, in Houston, has been) shinin’. Exciting, right? As the saying goes, “Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.”

But, while June means a hello to tans, trips, and toes in the sand, it also marks the halfway point of the year. Month number six, as fun as it is, serves as a great time for reflection. How has your year shaped up so far? Whether you’ve been flying high or scraping by, (or a little bit of both) June is a perfect reminder to pause and find balance.

That’s why this season’s trend is all about summer neutrals. It’s the perfect way to balance out all those vibrant colors, dramatic textures, and tropical undertones you’ve been rocking so well. Whether it’s a woven shoe or artisan bag, summer neutrals will take your look to the next level.

These three-season trends will help you effortlessly balance out your look this summer!


Summer is for Suede

We all know the three must-have Summer S’s. Say them with me: sunscreen, sunglasses, and… suede! That’s right, suede. Sometimes, finding balance means finding your inner rebel. Rules are meant to be broken, and this summer’s bold move is saying yes to summer suede. Use summer suede to expand your summer fashion horizons, because believe it or not, suede can be worn year-round.

How to work it:

  • Milani and Rosario to the Rescue

Who doesn’t love wedges? They’re cute, comfortable, and have just enough lift to pick up your spirits. But wedges in suede are a match made in heaven for some sophisticated summer fun. You can find our neutral suede material in our Milani and Rosario wedges.

  • Essie and Orley are by Your Side

A trusty bag goes a long way. Balance out your vibrant summer dresses with a subdued neutral bag or crossbody. Essie bag and Orley crossbody in suede have got you covered.


Wow with Woven Details

If life is in the details, then the perfect summer look is in the woven details. Just because we’re working with summer neutrals, doesn’t mean we can’t talk texture! Relaxed artisan details will give any outfit a raw edge. And who doesn’t love a raw edge to their look? Woven fabrics with relaxed artisan details can take you all the way from summer through September.

How to Work it:

We have brand new sandals so you can show off those bright summer pedicures! Feel free and comfortable with Penley, Dion, and Reena. Why have sand between your toes when you can have ET’s signature woven details instead?


Summer Slip n’ Slide-On’s

Just because the kids are done with homework doesn’t mean life slows down in the summer. Between the fun, we know summertime is go-go-go. So, let’s make it easier. Neutral slip-ons are comfortable, no hassle, and fit right in with the casual chic movement. Make your errands and summer travels effortlessly glam.

How to Work It:

  • We Love Wendy

Keep it quick and casual chic with Wendy in cork, a signature ET textile, or in summer suede. This easy slip-on is cool and comfortable, which are top priorities for any summer shoe!

At Elaine Turner, we stay in tune with the trends, so you can have numerous wardrobe options at your fingertips. I can’t wait to see your style shine bright this summer with these gorgeous, balanced looks.

Happy shopping, trendsetters!





4 thoughts on “Trends Issue: Summer Suede and Woven Details Lead Season’s Biggest Trends

  1. Summer shoes are always a weakness of mine. I think this is due to the fact that Summer is hot and we have no more idea about fashion. I am happy that I found this post and now I know what should be my top list in this hot days.


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