Elaine Turner on Great Day Houston

Happy summer, people! We may be designing and prepping for the Fall but we’re still shaking and grooving with our Modern Havana collection. It’s bright colors and dramatic textures perfectly align to any vacation style this summer. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Galveston or a week-long stay in Italy, have the freedom to express yourself through any style and be you!

Earlier this week, I was featured on Great Day Houston and got to share my favorite looks from the Modern Havana collection. Here is my recap of the WFAA Good Morning Texas segment I did back in May if you missed that. It’s always an amazing experience to share our collections with Texas viewers, and there’s never a dull moment when visiting Deborah Duncan on Great Day Houston.

blog image 1
Deborah Duncan and I goofing off on Great Day Houston.

Great Day Houston

Before the segment, I had just gotten in from Santa Fe where I enjoyed a relaxing week at a yoga retreat. But we’ll get to that another time. I was as zen as a plant upon my arrival into Houston and planned to stay that way. Once I arrived on the set of Great Day Houston, everything ran smoothly. We reviewed the script, dressed our models, and I got to chat with Deborah before air. Trust me, this ain’t her first rodeo.

At the start of the Great Day Houston segment, I shared key aspects that inspire my brand: my mother and empowering women. My mother always exuded so much glamour and confidence through her style that helped shape my brand. In that same vein, my brand’s mission is for women to feel empowered to use fashion as their visual language to the world.

Modern Havana

After the introduction, we went straight to the looks. These models made everything look so effortless. Bless their good looks. Here are all the outfits from the Great Day Houston segment:

blog image 2
One of my favorite looks for the segment: Larrissa dress, Rachelle purse, Kami wedge.

A Home Run

After the Great Day Houston segment, I had the opportunity to talk to the models and Carlos Correa from the Houston Astros walked in! That was quite the thrill for not only myself but our marketing manager too—who secretly died inside. In fact, my family, especially my son Harrison (the ultimate Astros fan), was more excited at the fact I met Carlos Correa than actually being on TV. That was the real takeaway from the day to him.

blog photo 4
Carlos Correa and I backstage at Great Day Houston!

I was also extremely grateful to engage with women in the audience who came to see me. They shared how my designs had inspired them, and it truly lifted my zen spirits even further. After all, that’s the real home run for me and what my brand accomplishes to do (see the baseball metaphor in there?).

Thank you to Great Day Houston for having us! We had a great time.



Watch the segment here!

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