Jewelry Issue: The Sante Fe Capsule Collection

New Mexico is color. It’s an awe-inspiring land that speaks to me every time. I recently visited Santa Fe, spent two romantic days with my husband and two relaxing ones at a yoga retreat with friends (talk about the perfect balance between date-night and girls nights, right?). Visiting the city again inspired me to create The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule. This collection doesn’t just reflect the beautiful colors and materials found in this majestic town but symbolizes the memories I’ve created there. And I hope this collection symbolizes the memories you’ll make, too.

The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule

In the capsule, you’ll find coral and red silk tassels reflecting the hues of Santa Fe sunsets. The sunsets are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, drawn straight from a dream. Other materials in the collection such as turquoise, gold plate and natural agate harken Santa Fe’s immense heritage and robust history. With five limited edition pieces, all can be combined or worn alone to create a look that’s truly you.

Santa Fe Collection #1

There are a variety of ways you can style the five pieces of The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule, especially the bracelets and necklace. The Sarra and Sami bracelets can be mixed and matched. You can go classic-chic and rock one of the bracelets or you can wear up to four for an on-trend stacked technique that boasts the mix of coral and turquoise beads beautifully together. And because a true Southern woman never leaves the house without earrings, the capsule boasts two pairs, the Samir and Sal earrings, both equal in their statement-making style.

Santa Fe Earrings #8

The showstopper piece of the capsule collection is the Sarita Necklace, and my personal favorite. This stunning necklace can be worn in four different ways:

  • Knotted down
  • A choker
  • A long drape
  • Looped to create a bib

sante fe collage

All five of the pieces in The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule are limited-edition and perfect to complement all your summer events and travels. And if you’re traveling to Santa Fe this summer, that’s even better! Here are some of my favorite spots to visit where you can soak in all the beautiful color that this majestic city offers.

My Go-To Santa Fe Locations

  • Hotel Anasazi
    • As soon as when you walk in, the Hotel Anasazi offers an immediate feeling of relief and a low-key energy that is very peaceful. It’s located right on the square, which is perfect for quick travel. It’s picturesque and offers a modern take on Pueblo life, such a respite from the hustle and bustle of Houston.
  • Georgia O’Keefe Museum
    • Georgia O’Keefe was an incredible woman who was way ahead of her time – and one of the most prominent artists of the 20th century at that. Her life was her art and the museum boasts over 3,000 works from her life. Her art evolved as she evolved as a person, and this museum proudly shows this through her oil paintings, drawings, and additional works.
  • Loretto Chapel
    • I always love to visit the churches in this city, especially the Loretto Chapel. This ancient city provides a historical look at how Christianity was initially introduced to the United States and The Loretto Chapel is one representation of that. The Loretto Chapel was designed by a French Architect in a beautiful gothic revival style and the spiral staircase alone is legendary. Once inside, the chapel offers a time of reflection and meditation for me. It’s my favorite thing to do while I’m in Santa Fe.
  • The Shed
    • The food in Santa Fe is incredible and The Shed is one of my favorite spots to dine. Opened since 1953, it offers a delicious Southwestern cuisine near the plaza. In fact, they’re known for their chili and spicy dishes (the spicy jalapeno margarita is to die for). I’m an eater and I love spicy, so naturally I gravitate towards this place. No surprise there, I am from Texas after all!
  • The Square 
    • This is the heart of Sante Fe. For over 400 years, the square is the epicenter of Santa Fe and boasts a colorful array of shops, restaurants, and more. It also offers concerts and musical gatherings that speak to the music of the region. You’ll find the most amazing things to shop here; I bought a piece of Native American jewelry from an artisan whose family has been making jewelry for three generations.


To shop The Crown Collection: Santa Fe Capsule visit our website.



2 thoughts on “Jewelry Issue: The Sante Fe Capsule Collection

  1. All outfits need a good accessory, and necklaces and earrings are the hottest trend that is perfect to add to your summer Lookbook. The white dress is perfect to pair with this necklace. Great post.


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