Elaine Turner on Great Day Houston

Happy summer, people! We may be designing and prepping for the Fall but we’re still shaking and grooving with our Modern Havana collection. It’s bright colors and dramatic textures perfectly align to any vacation style this summer. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Galveston or a week-long stay in Italy, have the freedom to express yourself through any style and be you!

Earlier this week, I was featured on Great Day Houston and got to share my favorite looks from the Modern Havana collection. Here is my recap of the WFAA Good Morning Texas segment I did back in May if you missed that. It’s always an amazing experience to share our collections with Texas viewers, and there’s never a dull moment when visiting Deborah Duncan on Great Day Houston.

blog image 1
Deborah Duncan and I goofing off on Great Day Houston.

Great Day Houston

Before the segment, I had just gotten in from Santa Fe where I enjoyed a relaxing week at a yoga retreat. But we’ll get to that another time. I was as zen as a plant upon my arrival into Houston and planned to stay that way. Once I arrived on the set of Great Day Houston, everything ran smoothly. We reviewed the script, dressed our models, and I got to chat with Deborah before air. Trust me, this ain’t her first rodeo.

At the start of the Great Day Houston segment, I shared key aspects that inspire my brand: my mother and empowering women. My mother always exuded so much glamour and confidence through her style that helped shape my brand. In that same vein, my brand’s mission is for women to feel empowered to use fashion as their visual language to the world.

Modern Havana

After the introduction, we went straight to the looks. These models made everything look so effortless. Bless their good looks. Here are all the outfits from the Great Day Houston segment:

blog image 2
One of my favorite looks for the segment: Larrissa dress, Rachelle purse, Kami wedge.

A Home Run

After the Great Day Houston segment, I had the opportunity to talk to the models and Carlos Correa from the Houston Astros walked in! That was quite the thrill for not only myself but our marketing manager too—who secretly died inside. In fact, my family, especially my son Harrison (the ultimate Astros fan), was more excited at the fact I met Carlos Correa than actually being on TV. That was the real takeaway from the day to him.

blog photo 4
Carlos Correa and I backstage at Great Day Houston!

I was also extremely grateful to engage with women in the audience who came to see me. They shared how my designs had inspired them, and it truly lifted my zen spirits even further. After all, that’s the real home run for me and what my brand accomplishes to do (see the baseball metaphor in there?).

Thank you to Great Day Houston for having us! We had a great time.



Watch the segment here!

Trends Issue: Summer Suede and Woven Details Lead Season’s Biggest Trends

Can you believe it? Unless I have my Texas brown beetles mixed up, June is here! That’s right, put away your countdown clocks because summer has arrived. The barbecues are cookin’, the margarita glasses are clinkin’, and the hot summer sun is (well, in Houston, has been) shinin’. Exciting, right? As the saying goes, “Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.”

But, while June means a hello to tans, trips, and toes in the sand, it also marks the halfway point of the year. Month number six, as fun as it is, serves as a great time for reflection. How has your year shaped up so far? Whether you’ve been flying high or scraping by, (or a little bit of both) June is a perfect reminder to pause and find balance.

That’s why this season’s trend is all about summer neutrals. It’s the perfect way to balance out all those vibrant colors, dramatic textures, and tropical undertones you’ve been rocking so well. Whether it’s a woven shoe or artisan bag, summer neutrals will take your look to the next level.

These three-season trends will help you effortlessly balance out your look this summer!


Summer is for Suede

We all know the three must-have Summer S’s. Say them with me: sunscreen, sunglasses, and… suede! That’s right, suede. Sometimes, finding balance means finding your inner rebel. Rules are meant to be broken, and this summer’s bold move is saying yes to summer suede. Use summer suede to expand your summer fashion horizons, because believe it or not, suede can be worn year-round.

How to work it:

  • Milani and Rosario to the Rescue

Who doesn’t love wedges? They’re cute, comfortable, and have just enough lift to pick up your spirits. But wedges in suede are a match made in heaven for some sophisticated summer fun. You can find our neutral suede material in our Milani and Rosario wedges.

  • Essie and Orley are by Your Side

A trusty bag goes a long way. Balance out your vibrant summer dresses with a subdued neutral bag or crossbody. Essie bag and Orley crossbody in suede have got you covered.


Wow with Woven Details

If life is in the details, then the perfect summer look is in the woven details. Just because we’re working with summer neutrals, doesn’t mean we can’t talk texture! Relaxed artisan details will give any outfit a raw edge. And who doesn’t love a raw edge to their look? Woven fabrics with relaxed artisan details can take you all the way from summer through September.

How to Work it:

We have brand new sandals so you can show off those bright summer pedicures! Feel free and comfortable with Penley, Dion, and Reena. Why have sand between your toes when you can have ET’s signature woven details instead?


Summer Slip n’ Slide-On’s

Just because the kids are done with homework doesn’t mean life slows down in the summer. Between the fun, we know summertime is go-go-go. So, let’s make it easier. Neutral slip-ons are comfortable, no hassle, and fit right in with the casual chic movement. Make your errands and summer travels effortlessly glam.

How to Work It:

  • We Love Wendy

Keep it quick and casual chic with Wendy in cork, a signature ET textile, or in summer suede. This easy slip-on is cool and comfortable, which are top priorities for any summer shoe!

At Elaine Turner, we stay in tune with the trends, so you can have numerous wardrobe options at your fingertips. I can’t wait to see your style shine bright this summer with these gorgeous, balanced looks.

Happy shopping, trendsetters!





Travel Issue: #GlamTrotter Life

Traveling is essential. It renews you and allows you to recharge both spiritually and physically. Traveling in style, is even more essential. And when I say the word “style”, I’m talking about having the freedom and courage to express your own personal style. My mother used to tell me that the way I dressed was my “visual language to the world.” There’s no better time than when traveling to express yourself through this visual language.

We all have dreams… one of mine is jet setting across the globe, draped in poly chiffon kaftans and cork wedges. I’d be unstoppable. Just thinking about this makes me feel like I would be the ultimate glamtrotter. Or shall I say, a globe trotter, that’s #glamtastic!

We’ve got something fun to share with you. This summer, while you’re traveling around—whether it’s at your local beach or in the middle of Europe— we want to see you rocking your Elaine Turner products. Let’s get inspired! Show us how our products contribute to your own personal style and how you express it on vacation. In essence, BE YOU!

If you post a picture looking fabulous, like always, with your Elaine Turner goodies on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #GlamTrotter, you will be entered to win a $500 gift card. Exciting, right?!

Living that #glamtrotter life.

Glamtrotter Inspiration

My travel experiences have been integral to my brand from its inception. Growing up, all my family trips were in the Caribbean. The tropical environment and the natural surroundings of crystal blue water and white sand inspired me.  Further, the way my mom dressed herself in these vacations helped shape my design inspiration too. She’s the ultimate Glamtrotter.

All my collections have carried that escapism aesthetic. For example, we adopted bamboo as one of our signature elements. Whether fashioned in our custom gold hardware or from lacquered, this design feature evokes a feeling of nostalgia and exudes tropical charm. In that same vein, our signature textiles, whether cork or raffia, provide that feeling of wanderlust and provide a touch of the unexpected to classic silhouettes.

Simona Clutches Spring 17
Our Simona clutches carry our signature bamboo elements.

Glamtrotter Essentials

Our most recent collection, Modern Havana, carries the same wanderlust and escapism aesthetic. It is inspired by travel and the colorful, vibrant surroundings of Havana, Cuba. With its tropical details and bright colors, the collection is practically designed to travel with. Anywhere you’re going.

As a Glamtrotter, here are some key essentials for the summer you could use that $500 gift card towards! You’re welcome for the help.

  • Leya Coverup– Go glam at the beach with our go-to coverup for summer. Adorned in multicolored tassels, you’ll be turning heads at the pool.
  • Nellie Tote– Perfect for beach destinations and available in three different textiles, this tote offers ample room for all your travel necessities.
  • Rio Sandals– Embellished in a tropical leaf detail, this sandal is where glam meets comfort.
  • Mini Wallet in Cork– Ditch the big wallet and use a mini-wallet for your vacation.
  • Large Pouch in Raffia– Have a night out on the town with a pouch big enough to carry your essentials, but small enough to not weigh you down when dancing.

Social #Glamtrotter

Although I vacationed frequently in the Caribbean when I was younger, now that I’m older I find myself vacationing a lot more domestically. My favorite cities to go: Santa Barbara and Sante Fe. Both provide their own unique charm that I gravitate towards. The sunsets in Sante Fe are magical. And the wine at Santa Barbara is worth traveling across the country for.

Santa Barbara
Jim & I at Grassini Family Vineyards in Santa Barbara, California.

Sometimes, you don’t need to go to Rome to be a Glamtrotter. It’s about wherever you go—just go in style and BE YOU! So, when your living that #glamtrotter life, share your photos with us! And winning a $500 giftcard to help support that glamtrotter life doesn’t hurt either.

Where are you traveling to this summer? I can’t wait to share with you where I’ll be going. First stop—Sante Fe for a yoga retreat!