Handbag Issue: The Summer of Shelly

We need to talk about Shelly. At Elaine Turner, we love to give you the scoop on the latest summer trends, but there is one trend right now that is hotter than a Houston summer afternoon. Seriously, this trend is everywhere, from blogs and social media to the all the hottest travel destinations. We can’t stop seeing Shelly, the ultimate summer circular crossbody, and we think we know why.

It’s the perfect summer bag – safe for travel, a must have for going out, and a match-made in heaven for nearly every outfit. You heard me – nearly every outfit – because the first word that comes to mind when I think of Shelly is versatile. A stylish companion for the gal on the go, this round camera bag is small enough to wear anywhere effortlessly.

You might be thinking, “Elaine, are you asking me to sacrifice function for fashion?” Of course not! Shelly easily fits an iPhone 7 plus along with your purse essentials – wallet, keys, chapstick, sunscreen, room key, selfie stick, and, naturally, your camera!

Ditch fanny packs (*shudders*) and huge, cumbersome bags (that might as well come with a hook for all the fishing) for this simple, compact crossbody. Shelly hits at the hip and is topped with fun leather tassels on the shoulder and zipper. Need more convincing about Shelly’s versatility? She comes in four unique textiles: cork, leather (navy), python, and white snake.


From left to right: Metallic Python, Navy Leather, Snake-Cork, and White Snake.


Feelin’ Corky


cork collage
From left to right: Krystal Faircloth of A Pinch of Lovely, Annie Lail of Absolutely Annie, and Alice Kerley of Lonestar Looking Glass.


These bloggers know how to balance vibrant summer colors with fun summer neutrals. Shelly in Snake Cork was born to be in the sun. She goes perfectly with bright dresses and dazzling patterns, and her classic shape contributes some structure needed to pull together beautiful, flowy, and breezy outfits. Shout out to A Pinch of Lovely for rocking her Shelly travel bag in Italy, temporarily fulfilling our vicarious wanderlust.

Pair Shelly in Snake Cork with Your Elaine Turner Favorites

  • Larisa in Poly Chiffon comes in bright coral and multi palm, and the material makes for light, flowy movement that is just begging to be paired with a Shelly bag.
  • Fit for covering up by the pool or drinks at the bar, Penelope dress is available in coral, cobalt and Kelly green.
  • Don’t sell yourself short! Throw in some Paloma, Kimberly, or Zandra wedges or to maximize on all things cork.

Live in (Navy) Leather


navy shelly collage
From left to right: Brittany Puerto of Truth or Flares, Lauren Spann Mulenos of LMents of Style, Dede Raad of Dress Up Buttercup.


At the end of the day, there’s a Shelly for everybody. While Shelly in Snake Cork, screams summer, Shelly in Leather gives this circular trend a classic touch. The navy leather with suede details means this bag can be carried from season to season. If you ask me, I think Shelly in Leather might even have some transitional fall hues hidden behind its summer fame. There’s something about this bag that pulls together any look, especially those with blue tones like cute jean shorts and chic, Tencel dresses.

Pair Shelly in Leather with Your Elaine Turner Favorites

  • Seeing Lauren Spann work Shelly in Leather is giving us some major Tencel envy. Try Shelly with Samara or Lolita in Tencel for a sophisticated and comfortable look.
  • Why not play up that trendy summer suede? Sport Rosario, Milani, or Maddie in Suede to bring out Shelly in Leather’s suede details.

Pretty in Python


python collage
From left to right: Yasmina Chalhoub of Dress Well, Travel Often, Lauren Pisarik of Fashion over Fatigue, and Danielle Sauter of Blonde in the District.


Is it really an Elaine Turner bag if it doesn’t come in Python? The metallic shimmer on this python print has the head-turning power to glamorize any look. Let’s face it, a pop of python is a pop of fun, but the combination of the python sheen and the classic round shape in this Shelly crossbody also creates a feeling of luxury. Kudos to Blonde in the District red lips as the perfect bold compliment to this bold bag.

Pair Shelly in Python with Your Elaine Turner Favorites

Do No Wrong with White Snake


white shelly collage
From left to right: Margret Rojas of Style the Girl, Katherine Morris of  Katerena Maria, Brooke Burnett of One Small Blonde.


Shelly in White Snake is the most versatile of them all. She’s the belle of all balls, a simple, clean, and classy addition to any summer look. The white, circular shape adds a brightness and sophistication to every type of outfit whether it’s a shirt and shorts, a rockin’ romper, or flowing summer dress.

Pair Shelly in White Snake with Your Elaine Turner Favorites

  • Look at the beautiful bloggers. Do you see what I’m seeing? All three of them hopped on the same wavelength to make a brilliant fashion discovery. Shelly in White Snake goes flawlessly with stripes! Slip on a pair of Wendy in Suede sneakers, so Shelly can make the shoe’s white stripes pop.
  • We hear you, One Small Blonde. Shelly in White Snake deserves a summer romper. Good thing there’s Tatiana in Rayon Crepe to fulfill all your romper needs.

The thing about the Shelly Crossbody is that the boundaries are limitless. I hope you’ve enjoyed these summer suggestions, but I’m even more excited to see you discover endless, new ways to work our favorite summer bag.

XOXO, Elaine.

We’re Excited To Announce…

Dear Friends,

I can’t wait to share with you some exciting news! I’ve come to the realization in recent weeks that when change comes, opportunity awakens. Whether it’s your business or personal life, it’s important to not only adapt to change but eagerly embrace it as a platform for growth and innovation.

That’s where the golden egg lies, and that’s where new opportunities to rewrite your story live.

It’s important to take these opportunities and begin your new chapter, and business is no exception. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life, and I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced such a major evolution in how business is done today. The last few months, we’ve faced this change head on. We’ve done the hard work, asked ourselves the tough questions, and taken a closer look at our business. As a result, we’ve come out stronger, and in the process become more courageous, creative, and innovative.

We recognize that YOU, our valued customers, want to engage with retail brands across multiple platforms, in varying places and at a pace that changes constantly. We exist to serve our customers, and we are taking this opportunity to serve them in the way they want and need to be served.

So, with that, I’m THRILLED to announce, drum roll please… Elaine Turner Elite – our new personal stylist service.

A.k.a. – our golden egg.


Indulge me for a minute so I can tell you a little bit about it. We believe we have found a better way to bring our brand into more women’s lives, not only here in the great state of Texas, but nationally as well. By launching the Elite stylists and integrating them into our stores and website, we feel we are engaging in a new, more effective way to do business. It is a completely different strategy for serving our clients. And, from where I sit, the future of retail entrepreneurship isn’t confined by walls or time clocks – it is defined by you and your desire to be the best version of your future self. Elaine Turner Elite is a concept that comes from our core DNA; using our fashion platform to empower women, change lives and make a difference. I built this company to fulfill my own desire to become a successful female entrepreneur and this model empowers others to do the same. In the end, that’s what we’re all about and why our motors run: to empower women.

Our Elite Stylists are independent, specially trained personal stylists who will build intimate relationships with their network of clients through 1-on-1 personal styling sessions, in-home trunk shows and special events. We are unique in that we create a fully curated lifestyle brand including apparel, handbags, shoes and jewelry. You will be part of an exceptional team where you can and will make a difference. As an Elite Stylist, you’ll be able to embrace your passion for fashion while owning your journey along the way. We understand beginning a new chapter in your life is exciting and the most important thing to realize is that YOU hold the pen to this story.


Here’s what we can offer you:


An Elite Stylist is just another word for Badass Girl Boss. You get to be the CEO of your own business. You call the shots. As a team, we’ll help give you all the tools and support needed to succeed. From there, we give you the freedom to do you.


One of the best things about becoming an Elite Stylist is being able to work whenever, wherever. Whether it’s at your favorite coffee shop or directly from home, the flexibility to manage your business is revolved around you. Giving you a work-life balance you’ll love.


We are better together. Joining Elaine Turner Elite is more than being a stylist—it’s about becoming a part of a community that empowers women and changes lives. Our deep-rooted mission is to help women feel beautiful inside and out. You’ll be able to share this mission and be the bridge between the consumer and our brand, along with countless other women. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being a part of a like-minded community who not only share the same passion but are committed to making a change.


I know sometimes it might seem difficult to grab that pen and write—but you are capable of owning your story. We feel confident we can reinvent the retail landscape as we know it, but more importantly, you can reinvent your life in a way that makes you proud. We want to help you write your narrative.

If you feel empowered to change and begin your journey, Email me at helloelaine@elaineturner.com for more. You can also visit our website to submit an application.

I’d love to get your feedback and tell you all that this program has to offer.

Let’s join forces and write our stories together.