Fighting the Good Fight.

To the moms who never feel adequate and the moms who wake up tired and go to bed even more exhausted. To the helicopter moms, the granola moms, and the cool moms. To the moms who ever ever wondered how they wound up so #BLESSED and the moms who have locked themselves in closets to drink wine alone. To the moms who have missed playdates, soccer games, and school registration. To the moms who cut sandwiches into perfect squares and the moms who eat french fries off the floor. To the moms who volunteer to host prom pictures and the moms who show up with store bought cookies. To the moms who gave up on the birds and bees talk and moved on to anatomical drawings and pervasive threats. To the moms of small diapered tushes, agnsty teenagers, and birds that have flown the coop.
YOU are brave, strong, and resilient. YOU could move a mountain with your superhuman powers. YOU could change the world with your heart, and YOU have. YOU have created a human that will define the years ahead of us all. YOU are fighting the toughest fight – raising a child on love, trust, and maybe a little caffeine. Everyday, no matter how ugly, is a testament to your strength and love.
Keep fighting the good fight mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!