Transition Into Fall With Ease

Is it global warming or perimenopause? I can’t tell. But I do know one thing for sure— I am HOT, people. I’m seeing pumpkins and gourds on porches which is making me itch because I’m not ready to think about sweaters, fur and leggings (OH MY!) Even though fall is upon us, I’m not ready to talk about all the heavy stuff quite yet because to be quite frank I can’t even stomach the thought of a pumpkin spice latte over anything but ICE right now… so I’m going to keep it light and show you how to transition into fall without having a heat stroke.


TROPICAL BREEZE: Who said Tropical prints can’t take you into fall? Our Paula top is the perfect answer- its 3/4 length sleeve combined with a black ground and moody leafy green accents make it the perfect top to take you into fall. Also, extra bonus: Wear it with your favorite dark wash jeans and sneakers and you’ve got yourself a favorite, early fall go-to outfit! You could even pair it with an open toe suede lace up sandal or bootie to add a little fall texture.



FALL IN LOVE WITH LAINEY: I know what you are thinking- how can I wear a caftan for fall? Well, I am here to tell you—YOU CAN. YAHOO! Try our most versatile dress and pop it with our chic, over-the-knee Calley boot and voila—fall has arrived. Come on guys-  calf sweat beats butt crack sweat any day!



POP OF NEON: Test the water with pieces that have a subtle hint of neon. Try our Em caftan top and surprise everyone at the fall football opener! Here’s a hint though: Always ground your neons in either neutrals or dark denim— you don’t want to blind the quarterback on his first snap. You can’t have that karma on you!



BLACK IS ALWAYS A GOOD DECISION: Black just works. Especially in-between seasons- when in doubt go black. That’s my motto. Need I say more? Extra bonus: Wearing an all black outfit is a sure fire way to get you gourd-ready without ending in a melted pumpkin puree mess.



EVERGREEN: Can’t go wrong with green. It’s the perfect shade to take you from season to season with ease. And, extra bonus— it looks great on everyone! Our Ivy dress is the dress of choice for early fall. Its feminine vibe and peek-a-boo shoulder detail create a glamorous and breezy touch.



WHERE CAFTAN AND STREET MEET: Who said feminine and street don’t mix? Want to be the trendiest gal in town? Try our favorite Penelope caftan dress and pair it with our edgy biker bootie, Tibbie. Everyone at the party will say— “How cool- I never would have thought of that!” Your reaction— coyly sip on your wine subtly nod in appreciation.



RED+FUR= FIERCE (but never angry): Ever heard of a “twofer?” It’s southern for a hell of a deal because it is two for one! That’s right… 2 trends in 1 outfit! You’re welcome! RED is the most important color for fall and our FUR trim vest adds just the right amount of edge. Slip the vest over any of our red pieces and feel instantly fierce (and on trend) Bonus: sleeveless outerwear is a great way to dip your toes into fall without looking like you just dove all the way in and are now drenched… in sweat!


Girl, you’ve got this fall transition in the bag.




87 thoughts on “Transition Into Fall With Ease

  1. Oh my gosh I love each look! Black is ALWAYS a good idea is probably my favorite because for me, I can easily pull black from my closet and feel confident and sassy. A black tunic blouse and over the knee boots with jeans or leggings are the best start to a fall outfit. 🙂

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  2. My favorite look is defined FALL IN LOVE WITH LAINEY!
    I have always love this kaftan (design, shape and comfort ) it’s effortless and you look amazing. I can wear it during the summer and I love the transition with the tall boots to the Fall.

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  3. I am dying for the weather to cool down some so I can wear the fabulous Kelli vest 😍 I want to wear it with a white silk popover (long sleeves) + my black leather or suede leggings, and a pair of black suede pumps! Clean, classic, love it!

    But while I wait for weather to transition I am all about the Lainey! The color is fabulous, the sleeves give warmth for chilly breeze walking home at night. And the caftan flow of it gives anbreazy feeling to combat the humidity!

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  4. On Sunday, I wore my Daya Khaki Linen dress with my denim Dolly jacket, my olive Chelsea sneakers, and green Edith wood earrings topped off with the Brindle clutch in olive with the gold and navy guitar strap. It was super comfortable and perfect for a fun rainy day of lunch and antique shopping.

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    1. This outfit sounds super cute girl! Please send us a pic next time you rock your Daya dress so we can feature you on our Instagram! Make sure you comment your email so we can contact you if you win the giveaway! 🙂


    1. It’s one of my favorites too! A look that can take you out for drinks with the girls to a holiday dinner. Thanks for commenting. Please make sure to comment your email so we can contact you if you win the giveaway!


  5. I like the “Fierce” (but nice) look with the red Lainey dress and black Kelli vest. Black boots make it a winner! Can take it all the way from fall to Christmas and Valentine’s too.

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  6. I love ALL of these! I think the caftan is my fave. We have to adjust our favorite fall / winter cozy styles for Houston humidity. This one is perfect!

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  7. I love all of your fall looks! I received the Em caftan in flamingo from the ‘Pop of Neon’ look in my Elaine Turner edit box last week. I love the caftan and can’t wait to pair it with some jeggings! I also love the ‘Black is always a good decision’ look too! I love the detail on the top and those boots are gorgeous! My email is

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  8. Oh My!! i love dresses also i’m addicted to jewelleries too! Dresses are more comfortable and smart i enjoy wearing them 😊 Black is beauty! it suits well with any colour. My birthday is 19 Oct , i really hope to win 😊💖💕

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  9. I am crazy about the way y’all styled caftans for fall, especially the one “Where caftan and street meet”! Such a perfect solution to warm fall weather.
    pbmuse at gmail dot com

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  10. I love the “Fall in love with Lainey” outfit! That dress is so versatile, with booties or boots, with tights or without! Your clothing is always tailored just right for women’s bodies. You can tell it is designed by a working mom for other busy women who desire fashion, confidence and effortless style! Hope I win!

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    1. Thank you so much Yvonne! The Lainey is an all time favorite this season, and we are SO happy to hear how you feel about our brand. Our mission is just that – to offer busy women everywhere fashion that brings confidence and effortless style! XO


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