A Letter of Thanks

Dear Friends,

On this Thanksgiving Day as I stand on the precipice of profound transformation and change, I’m called to reflect upon memories made, moments shared, time had and time lost.

I once read that gratitude arises from simply paying attention. For me this feels right. Thankfulness is born from being fully awake and present to everything that lives within and without us. It comes from a deep understanding that life is a gift, and to be fully incarnated as a living, breathing, participating human being is a privilege. To know that we are miraculously a part of something, rather than nothing — even if that something brings challenge, hardship or change.

We can find comfort in knowing that we do after-all, inhabit a living world with real faces, real voices, real laughter and real LOVE. This sense of “realness” brings me peace. It awakens me to a deeper understanding of my journey and what it has allowed me to experience, to witness and to participate in over all these years.And with that, I simply want to say “Thank You”.

Thank you to my friends and family for being my most intimate companions who showed me unconditional love and support along the way.

Thank you to my past and present team members, mentors and stakeholders for being a part of my mission and being on the front lines of building something great.

Thank you to my loyal customers and especially my fellow Houstonians. You’ve been right there by my side through it all—the good and the bad. We’ve weathered the unpredictable boom and bust oil economy all while navigating Houston’s devastating natural disasters (Allison, Ike and Harvey to name a few). But, we’ve also experienced some great moments too — new product and book launches, celebratory store openings, heart-felt charity events and so much more. For that I am and will forever be eternally grateful.

In the coming weeks and months ahead, my hope is to emerge anew, even better and stronger than before. And in that new moment, we will meet again once more. 
Until then, I wish you and yours the happiest and blessed of days.