Joy — Face It!

Hello My Friends-

Gotta love a great makeup tutorial!

In the spirit of spreading a little joy here on the blog, I have a special treat. On the latest episode of Elaine Uncorked, I visit with the amazing Aubrie Layne of Lucky Cat Beauty. Perhaps you remember reading about her on the blog last month? Well, lucky is right because Aubrie is back, this time on video making me over with amazing tips and tricks.

Let me tell you, Aubrie is one talented lady. We discuss the season’s trends in makeup, like that fresh-face, dewy, no-makeup look that is all the rage. Now, this goes against the very nature of most Texas and Southern women, as we’ve been taught since we were babes that as far as makeup is concerned, more is more.

But in this video, Aubrie gives be her iteration of no-makeup makeup, that even a Texas woman can wrap her head around. Additionally, the eyes have it this season and Aubrie dishes on colored mascara, brows and just how to master a cat eye for a dramatic evening look.

There’s a lot to have fun with so why not visit the makeup counter and try something new? It’ll make you happy — you’ll sport an updated look and feel good about yourself and it might even spark a little joy that you will in turn spread to others. (There — I’ve just justified a little cosmetic splurge!)

So stay tuned and enjoy my chat and makeover with the fabulous Aubrie Layne.

XOXO, Elaine

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Beauty Guru Aubrie Layne Talks Fall Trends in Makeup

My Dear Readers,
We’ve talked a lot about fall fashion trends on the blog. And today I am thrilled to delve into the beauty category with makeup guru Aubrie Layne of Lucky Cat Beauty.

I’ve known Aubrie for several years. She’s a natural talent and understands how to bring out your best features. Also, on a side note, she’s the quickest makeup artist I’ve ever worked with and for me, that’s essential. If you can make me pretty in less than an hour, then I want to be your friend. 🙂

I sat down with Aubrie to get the scoop on all things hip and new for the face this season. If you are in Houston, be sure to check out her studio located in the Decorative Center. I guess you could say I am one lucky cat because Aubrie and I office out of the same building. Cheers to that! XOXO, Elaine

ET: What trends are you seeing this fall in beauty (makeup, skincare, etc.)?

AL: The trend this fall is that ‘less is more’ for makeup. Faces are fresh and dewy, effortless, highlighting one area at a time: brows, lips, etc. Fashion is simplified.

ET: What is one thing women can do for a quick fall makeup or skincare refresh?

AL: Go overboard on the moisturizer! Mix your moisturizer with your foundation. Before you leave your house, ask yourself: Do I see makeup on my skin?

ET: What are some of your favorite products?

AL: Mine! Lucky Cat Beauty! I am also loving anything from Gucci Cosmetics. Also, Ellis Faas foundation and concealers offer the perfect bit of coverage and a balmy texture. And I am obsessed with the navy, chocolate and plum YSL mascaras!!!

ET: What is your background and how did you get into the beauty space? Tell us about Lucky Cat Beauty.

AL: As a global makeup artist for Laura Mercier, I spent much of my time traveling internationally, especially in Asia. My love for eyes grew into a search for the perfect eyelashes. After years of research and experimenting, I designed my own set of lashes, and Lucky Cat Beauty was born. I now have a beautiful studio to see clients and meet with retailers. I have my own retail brand as well as some of my favorites — The BrowGal, Ellis Faas, La Peau and Balmain Hair Couture.

ET: How would you describe your personal style? Any thoughts on personal style?

AL: My style is tomboy meets retro meets edgy girl boss! And one tip would be — go from day to night keeping your color palette classic and simple and mixing it with trendy colors and accessories.

Connect with Aubrie:
Facebook: @LuckyCatBeauty
Twitter: @LuckyCatBeauty
Instagram: @LuckyCatBeauty

If you missed Aubrie on Houston Life TV, check her out in by clicking this clip:755

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Playful Creations

Gigi got a chance to learn from a pro on a recent trip to NYC.

Hi My Friends!

We are closing out the month with a fun story I wanted to share. I had dinner the other night with my dear friend, Alyce (also my blog manager) and her 11 year old daughter, Gigi. Alyce and I were catching up, talking shop, etc. when I noticed Gigi sitting in the corner of the room quietly minding her own business but listening nonetheless.

I began to strike up a conversation with her. I asked, “What do you think about the blog your mom and I are working on?” “It’s cool, I guess,” she replied.”  Then I mentioned, “Well, we are talking about creativity this month and your mom has told me how much you love makeup.”

Well, folks, that little sentence opened the door for her to express her unbridled enthusiasm for makeup! The floodgates had opened. We went on and spent the next two hours sharing tips, watching you tube videos of her favorite makeup artists, and looking at her makeup collection.

Simply put, being with her and experiencing her childlike joy was a beautiful reminder for me of how important it is to let go of all the fear, boundaries and hesitations we have as adults and begin to see it all again through a child’s eyes. As Picasso so poignantly said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Read about creativity from a kid’s point of view in my Q & A with Gigi, and get some makeup tips in the process. (I did — I purchased an Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder on Gigi’s recommendation. Really.)

Have a wonderful 4th of July! And don’t forget to channel your inner child while celebrating!

ET: Tell me about your creative outlets.

GG: My grandmother was an artist and I think I got my interest in art from her. I see makeup as art, I mean there are similarities like both use color and tools like brushes.

ET: How did you come to be enchanted by makeup?

GG: My friend Sarah introduced me to makeup. Also, at the time I was doing competitive dance and really enjoyed the application of stage makeup. I follow several You Tubers like Kathleen Lights, RCL Beauty 101, and Patrick Starrr — and am inspired by their makeup tutorials. Other influences include photos and art.

ET: How do you come up with application ideas? How are you inclined to be creative with makeup?

GG: I look at the person, their personality, their features, what they like, and finally where they are going and come up with ideas. Colors and looks inspire me. I like to take a look and change it up a bit.

ET: Any further tips on creativity or makeup?

GG: Try something new! If you have good skin, bring out eyes and lips. If it is not the best, work on coverage, then bring out eyes. As for products my current favorite is Benefit Erase Paste because it provides great coverage and Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour in Petal Pink. I love my Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palettes but I really think Laura Mercier’s pigments are superior to most brands. More tips can be found here.

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