Gratitude and Perspective

My friends-

I was in the middle of a crazy busy week recently, hyper-focused on the job at hand, blowing, going and barely looking up. You know these days.

Then this hits my inbox, from a family that had received a grant from Autism Rescue Angels, the non-profit I helped form to help ease the financial burden for autism families. This type of letter just puts everything right back into perspective.
ARA letter

This mom’s words are profound. You hear a mother’s heart in every sentence. 

I invite you to learn more about ARA in the video below or visit Autism Rescue Angels here.


P.S. The Angel Wing Charm that’s a part of my Southern Charm Bar was inspired by the work of Autism Rescue Angels and honors all those affected by autism. Fifteen per cent of Southern Charm Bar sales both online and in stores through September 2016 will be donated to the organization.

Next week on Wednesday, May 18, 6-8 pm we kick off the Southern Charm Bar with in-store events at four Houston area stores featuring fashion bloggers as our special guest hosts! Hope to see you there!

Rice Village featuring Lilly of Daily Craving 
2439 University Blvd., Houston

Market Street featuring Dede of Dress Up Buttercup
9595 Six Pines Drive, The Woodlands

BLVD Place featuring Elly of Uptown with Elly Brown
1700 Post Oak Blvd., Houston

CityCentre featuring Alice of Lonestar Looking Glass
800 Town & Country Blvd., Houston

For more details about the Southern Charm Bar launch parties, click here.

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Clean the Clutter, Clear the Mind

by Alyce Eyster

Guys, this is me after a bathroom re-org. →You may not be able to tell but I am TOTALLY TRANSFORMED. 😉 As we continue our theme of Spring cleaning, today Alyce Eyster tackles clutter. ♥Elaine

Picture a closet. At eye level clothes hang jammed together, open drawers reveal disheveled chaos and a weak folding effort, a lone shelf displays  a smattering of bracelets, receipts, coins, mints and retail clothing tags. Shoes play hide and seek on the floor littered with towels and dry cleaning debris, the laundry basket overflowing. I close the door and launch my boat down the river of denial.

“A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It is life transforming,” asserts Marie Kondo in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. That’s bold and I am intrigued.  

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Kondo’s book is all the rage. And she’s got a point. There is something therapeutic about purging the clutter, donating, organizing, and finding a home for “stuff.” I feel GREAT after cleaning my closet. I get a lift, an energy boost and I can see clearly now!  Organize the space and life falls into place. Yes!

But how does one get there? The experts weigh in.

Kondo doesn’t mess around when it comes to “stuff.” She asks of your things, “Does it spark joy?” If yes, keep it. If not, get rid of it. And it makes sense. Don’t you want to be surrounded by beautiful things that you love? Of course. Is it easy? No. Is her philosophy realistic? Not always.

Peter Walsh is an author that has appeared on Oprah and reality TV. He’s hosted 31 day challenges where he instructs folks to organize one space each day. I like this idea. He starts small, “Pick one drawer and clean it out.” This is so do-able, and not overwhelming.  To see it in action, check out Tell It to Your Neighbor blogger Erica Smith’s  Instagram feed, where she’s got helpful tips and information at #31Days2GetOrganized and #TheArtofDecluttering. Read More