A Woman’s Intuition by Elizabeth Irvine

When Elaine asked me to contribute a post about how to find peace during tough times and how to deal with uncertainty, intuition immediately came to mind. Women utilize intuition every day, often unknowingly. Here is how I learned to awaken my senses.

It was my first job out of college, and it was overwhelming. I was twenty-two years old, fresh out of school, and scared. The hospital’s Neonatal ICU was a place of great intensity. I can still recall with great clarity the yelling of orders.

“Start an IV ASAP and get that drip going now!” And I’d scramble to do so, all the while knowing I had to hook up the heart monitor on a different baby, check a temperature, suction . . . a list of “to dos” so long that I teetered on the edge, feeling so overwhelmed I did not know where to begin. There were so many critical tasks to perform, and so little time.

A Calm Intuitive Whisper

As hectic and frightening as it was, those early days in my nursing career taught me to develop the ability to keep a cool head and allow intuition to move through me to get the job done. When I think back on those days, it was as if I had found a guiding presence from deep within, a calm intuitive whisper that led me. Relax. Focus. One thing at a time. You know what to do. Once I understood how to use this intuitive feeling, I have never stopped listening to that voice.


Actually, for me, the challenges of motherhood (and life) do not feel so different from my early nursing days, and that same feeling of trusting my intuition as a nurse continues to guide me as a woman and a mother. For me, as wonderful as motherhood can be, it also can feel overwhelming, hectic, and holds daily uncertainties. And the challenges and unknowns are constantly changing with every stage. Now, as a mother of three young adult children, I find that I have had the capacity to perform in ways I never thought possible. Much like my experience as an ICU nurse, mothering has shown me that my reservoir of intuition is deep.

Elaine & Caitlin

My relationship with Elaine and her lead designer Caitlin, bring home a working mother’s ability to tap into her intuition and let that knowingness guide her. During our last design collaboration meeting, whether it’s Elaine’s teen age son texting her or Caitlin rubbing her tiny beautiful belly (second bambino), they both innately flex their intuitive muscle and gracefully navigate demands of working motherhood.

My Body Knows Before My Head Catches Up

What day isn’t filled with some moments of uncertainty? These uncomfortable parts of a day are the perfect opportunity to practice using your intuition. Tap into your gut feeling and allow this sixth sense to guide your choices. I’m talking about times when things just don’t feel quite right–maybe it’s one of your kids not acting like themselves or not feeling quite right about a situation. Frequently, my body knows and senses the right thing to do long before my head catches up.

Practice This Now: Feel Peace & Relax Into the Answer

Here’s an exercise to practice tapping into your intuition. Take a moment to pause. Sit up straight and relax into your breath. Take a long deep breath in and a long deep breath out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Allow your breath to make more space in your body and quiet your thoughts. In this quiet, still space feel solid as a rock– there are no barriers of assumption or judgment or criticism. Be present. Now, truly listen. The answer is in the quiet space. It is usually simple and direct. Try this technique during a conversation or in your own quiet space—either way you are tapping into what is subconsciously being told.

It’s Your Gift, Use it.

Most women call on their intuition and can read between the lines. Even though most of us have it,  most of us fail to acknowledge our gift and rarely use it regularly to strengthen our own intuitive confidence. Just as Elaine and Caitlin innately displayed theirs, my intuitive whisper has become a very natural way for me to maneuver the challenges and uncertainties of daily life. Through dedicated intention and practice, I have learned to awaken my senses and hone in on my sixth. It’s your gift too—use it.

elizAbout Elizabeth Irvine
As a nationally recognized author, speaker, writer and yoga instructor, I believe great health, feelings of peaceful contentment and happy-for-reason-joy in your life are within everyone’s reach. It’s not a quick fix: having the tools to create balance and well being, doesn’t mean we won’t come up against challenges. It does mean we can begin to learn how to become quiet and still and re-connect to our innate self-healing and intuitive abilities. You learn how to respond from a place of capacity to meet the unexpected, and begin to take greater ownership of your bodies and your life. The result is a lasting effect of clarity, energy and joy— truewellbeing.

Elizabeth Irvine is an educator, award-winning author and creative director of The Jewelry Project. Elizabeth’s philosophy and teachings are based on twenty-five years’ experience as a health care professional and through her yogic style of living. During this time she gained a reflective insight into what truewellbeing really means.

Irvine’s books, Healthy Mother Healthy Child and A Moment’s Peace provide women and families with a calming and healing influence and a simple guide for bringing peace and serenity into the home.

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