E’s Favorite Reads on Joy from Around the Web


Hello My Friends-

It is interesting to me that when I begin to focus on a subject (like joy or anything else), information about that subject just happens to land in my lap. I suppose I will chalk it up to the law of attraction, but funny how that works. Any who, here’s a list of tips, tricks, articles, books and more on the subject of joy from around the web. I found them quite informative and helpful and think you will too.

Have you started meditating yet? You should. I strongly feel in this age of 24/7 connectivity our brains need a reprieve from all that’s coming at them. This is a beautiful seasonal meditation that focuses on letting go, just as autumn leaves begin to fall to the ground.

Oprah readers are familiar with the wise Martha Beck who pens a column for the monthly magazine. In this piece Martha explains the difference between feeling thrilled, exhilarated, crazed … and happy.

If you’ve ever watched Grey’s Anatomy, you are familiar with Shonda Rhimes’ work. The uber successful TV writer, producer, mom of three and self-described workaholic talks the “hum” of love and joy in this TedTalk. If you enjoy it, you will also like her book, Year of Yes.

gbAnother book, Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back, really resonated with me. There’s a chapter about joy.

This article about joy has a couple of tips that I am anxious to try. One recommends putting a positive spin on a negative situation, also known as reframing. (Need to use this one with my kids. Ha!) The other talks about memorizing the feelings of a happy time in your life to recall when you are feeling less than stellar – a happiness “pill,” if you will. Intriguing!

Ever been so “in your head” and need to get out? Whether you want to or not, chatting with people helps. Seems to get the mind off whatever I am so deep in thought about and focuses attention on others. This article discusses the studies that verify that small talk can make you feel better.

And really, the more I read about joy the more I see it is just about paying attention and living in the moment. I also feel it is important to not get hung up on joy as this huge, unattainable feeling that you cannot tap into every day. Give yourself permission to find joy in the smallest of things. Some call that a blessing, and it will do wonders for the energy and attitude, really calling up the good vibes. Who doesn’t want that?


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