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Elaine keeps her audiences entertained and engaged by bringing emotion, honesty and laughter to the forefront of her motivational speeches. She strongly believes  that women who come together, share their wounds and expose their cracks will ultimately become stronger together and lift each other up in the process. As Elaine states, “Women who come together, work together and share together ultimately succeed together.” 

A glimpse of our audience testimonial:

Elaine Turner speaks, and every woman can connect to her. She is authentic and emotional yet does it in a way that uses humor — plus her experience as a mom, wife, friend, daughter and business owner — to make her message real. She embraces her own vulnerability in a way that  ensures the audience (women and men alike) truly hear her. We need to hear more from female entrepreneurs like Elaine”.
~  Jenna Jackson
P+R Productions CEO, founder

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